How Marian is adjusting being a Mother of 2

How Marian is adjusting being a Mother of 2

Dingdong Dantes gave an update how they are adjusting now that they have another newborn baby.

Dingdong said, that he still can’t go back to work 100% because he still need to be there for Marian, since they don’t have a helper yet for Baby Ziggy.

“I’m asking for a little break because we still don’t have a helper. It’s all Marian. I’m just helping her.”

Dingdong said he’s thankful for their in-laws for helping them. “I’m greatful for her Mom and my Mom. They are all helping us.”

Last 2018, there were news that Dingdong will run for the 2019 mid-term elections, but he did not file for candidacy.

Dingdong said he has no regrets for not running. “Baby Sixto’s arrival is a big sign right?for me to assess what’s the most important for me.”

“My family is the most important and i will do anything to for them.” He said.

Dingdong also assured fans that Marian will be back. Because he knows how much Marian love her job. So she definitely will be back.

But for now, they are focus adjusting. Especially Marian who is a hands-on mother to her two children. She now need to find a balance between Zia and Ziggy, and ofcourse Dingdong.