How is Marian after giving birth?

Marian is already back gardening after giving birth

Dingdong Dantes got to talk to the press last Monday and gave an update about her wife Mariam Rivera. Marian gave birth a week ago to a healthy Baby Boy.

Dingdong said they are still adjusting now that they are a family of four. “We are adjusting but our house is full of happiness, because of the arrival of our baby boy. Everyone is happy.”

He described Zia’s reaction upon the arrival of her baby brother from the hospital. “She was very excited. She immediately hugged and welcome her baby brother. She’s truly a big sister.”

The press also got to asked Dingdong how Marian is doing after giving birth. “Marian is doing fine even though he had 10 hours of labor and had a normal delivery. She is fine, she’s actually back gardening.”

During Marian’s pregnancy, gardening kept her busy as they wait for the arrival of Baby Ziggy. She also posted a lot of her plants from her garden on her Instagram.

Dingdong also shared that Marian’s second pregnany is different from her first with Zia. So it’s a completely different experience for them.

“I thought her second pregnancy will be the same with her first, but it’s all different from what we expected.”

“It’s likscompletely different and completely new experience. It’s not easy but we are up for the challenge.”