Dong Dantes answers when will Marian Rivera return to showbiz

Dong Dantes answers when will Marian Rivera return to showbiz

The press got to talk to Dingdong Dantes last Monday, as he signed a new contract with his home network GMA 7.

Dingdong was asked about the possibility that his wife Marian Rivera-Dantes will be leaving showbizness for good.

Marian recently gave birth to their second child, Jose Sixto Dantes IV last April 16.

“It’s Hard to say. Once we are settle down, and have a routine and system to make it work.. then..” Dingdong answered.

Dingdong can’t answer how many loads of project Marian can accept once she return to showbizness. But he assured that Marian will be back.

“She definitely will not leave TV. I am sure about that.” He said.

“She love her job, Sunday Pinasaya and Tadhana. These two shows are really close to her heart.” He added.

Dingdong is also not closing the door regarding Marian doing primetime series again. “If we compare it to what happened in the past, it took her two years to do a primetime series. Who knows maybe now she can go back in a shorter mount of time.

2 years after giving birth to Zia, Marian returned to primetime with 2017 Super Ma’am.

I’m sure fans will be waiting for Marian when she’s ready to return, but for now we are more than happy that Marian is resting and focusing in raising her family.