Dingdong Dantes shared some details about Baby Ziggy

Dingdong Dantes shared some details about Baby Ziggy

After 2 decades and a year of being a proud kapuso. The one and only prime time king Dingdong Dantes is excited and happy to renew his contract with GMA. With the announcement of his new TV series project this year.

Dingdong confirm that he will be starring the lead role at the Philippine adaptation of Korean hit drama descendants of the sun.

Of course, Dingdong will play the role of big boss or captain yoo si jin. While the leading lady is yet to be announced. Before Dong signed the contract. He is already excited and he post on his instagram account a picture of him wearing his favorite suit.

“I put on my favorite suit this morning and had my girls (yes, including ate Z) approve it because today is a very, very important day for me.” is the caption of the posted photo.

According to Dingdong, he really feels the Easter Sunday because it is also the rebirth of his commitment and dedication for the network.

“We will make it stronger, it the professional level but more on the personal level because I’ve been with GMA 7 for 21 years already.”

“This is where I met my wife, here in GMA I have my second child. So it really means that GMA has been a part of my life. That is the meaning and importance of this day for me.” He gladly say.

About Jose Sixto IV

One of the other reason why Dingdong is ecstatic now is because of the birth of his second child with Marian Rivera. Their baby boy is named Jose Sixto Dantes IV or Ziggy for short.

“Definitely, he needs to be the best version of the Sixth lineage, because he will continue all the learning of the past. ” he said.

Dingdong also said that JD4 is a big baby, and is over 7 pounds.”He’s over 7 pounds and he’s long. His arms and legs are long.”

Looks like baby Ziggy got his father’s height.