Ate Zia’s reaction getting a new bangs

Ate Zia’s reaction getting a new bangs

According to Dingdong Dantes, his wife Marian Rivera went on 10 hours labor before she give birth to their baby boy Jose Sixto Dantes IV at Makati Medical Center.

Imagine how a mother can give out that energy to to give birth to their child? A lot of people said that people who are giving birth is in danger. That is why they are given so much love by their children.

Mothers are amazing and Marian is very admirable for enduring the pain of giving birth to their son with her husband Dingdong.

Wow, can you believe it, 10 hours of labor, of pain with Marian small petite body endure it. For sure, Dingdong will triple her love for his wife, the mother of his children.

Anyway, Ate Zia just had a haircut earlier today. She visited her favorite hairstylist Celeste Tuviera this morning to get new bangs.

Ate Zia was very excited whenever she will have a new bangs. She’s been helping her Mama to look after her brother Baby JD4.

Here’s a video shared by Ms. Celeste. She’s so adorable!

Congratulations and welcome to the world Jose Sixto Dantes IV. Your parents are great, you will be proud having them.