Trivia: The History of Baby Sixto’s name

Trivia: The History of Baby Sixto’s name

For a long time since we found out that Dingdong and Marian Dantes are having a baby boy. We wonder if they will name their baby boy after his father Dingdong Dantes, who’s real name is Jose Sixo Dantes III.

Even before Dingdong and Marian got married we have dreamed and prayed for them to have a little Marian and a JD4.

And now our dreams as fangirls came true. We now have a Little Marian and baby JD4. Dingdong and Marian named their son Jose Sixto Dantes IV.

The name originated from Dingdong’s grandfather, Brigadier General Jose Sixto Dantes Sr. Here’s a portrait of him with his wife Lola Choly, who recently celebrated her 100th birthday.

Sixto Sr, named his son after him, Dingdong’s father, Jose Sixto Dantes Jr.Sixto Z. A Commander in the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Then Dingdong is named after his Dad, Jose Sixto Dantes III. Dingdong is a Marine Reservist. Here’s a photo of them together.