6.1 Magnitude Earthquake hits Luzon

6.1 Magnitude Earthquake hits Luzon

A 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake hit Luzon this Monday afternoon, around 5:11PM.

Epicenter of the earthquake is Castillejos Zambales. It was reported that 3 diws in San Fernando Pampanga after a supermarket collapsed.

Some parts of Clark Airport also collapsed because of the earthquake, causing injuries of several travellers. Here’s a photo taken by Lance Lauren:

While in Manila, LRT and MRT’s operations were susupended because of the earthquake. It was confirmed by the Department of Transportation Assistant Secretary for Communications Goddes Libiran.

“Upon NDRRMC’s advice at around 5:42 PM to NOT resume operations, instructions were relayed to LRT-1, LRT-2, and MRT-3 NOT to resume operations until further notice.” She said.

While Makati a Netizen by the username ‘francelleisms’ Captured buildings swaying.

Many Malls also decided to close for today because of the earthquake, and so as Offices. They sent their employees home just incase there will be aftershock.

Here’s some tips from Philippine Star on what to do before, during and aftee an earthquake.

Please stay safe everyone. Don’t forget to pray. Lord protect us all.