Dantes Squad Baby Photos

Dantes Squad Baby Photos

Dingdong Dantes is very relieved that his wife Marian Rivera safely gave birth to their son last April 16, 2019.

The mother and the baby are both healthy and in good condition. They named their baby Jose Sixto G. Dantes IV.

Dingdong posted the first photo of his son and wife on his Instagram shortly after Marian gave birth.

He wrote, “Yahoo! After around 10 hours of labor, Marian finally gave birth to our baby boy at 1:35 pm today. Thank you very much for praying with us.” It immidiately trended in social media.

Many netizens pointed out that Baby Sixto is the Boy version of his big sister Ate Zia. We gathered The Dantes Squad Baby photos to see who Baby Sixto resembles with.

Here is Dingdong and Marian’s baby photos:

And here is Ate Zia and Baby Sixto!

We think Baby Sixto is a perfect mix of Dantes-Gracia just like his big sister Zia.

Everyone is anticipating the Dantes Squad first upload on their youtube channel with Baby Sixto. Many are hoping they will upload Ate Zia when she first met her Baby Brother.

Everyone is just excited to see Zia and Sixto together. Welcome to the world, Jose Sixto G. Dantes IV!