Dong and Yan’s childhood memories of Holyweek

DongYan’s Childhood Memories of Holy Week

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes recently shared to Philippine Entertainment Portal their Childhood Memories of Holy week.

He shared, “I remember when i was a kid, maybe when i was around 9 year old, our house is under construction. I reenact dragging the cross like Jesus.”

“I took two large woods, i nailed it together then i walk around the street with my two sisters.” He said.

Dingdong added there was a scary situation happened when he was a kid while reenacting Judas.

“There was a time i acted like Judas, my plan was after i jump i will take off the tab. But when i jump i wasn’t able to take it off.”

“Thankfully, my aunt was there, she saw me and she immediately taken the tab off me, if it wasn’t for her i would have died. I was young and reckless.”

Meanwhile, Marian shared she can’t remember any recklessness she did during holy week.

“The truth is, i can’t remember any recklessness i did. I’m just my family. We stayed in Cavite most of the time. We are resting and going to church.” Marian said.

This holyweek, since Marian just gave birth The Dantes Family is probably spending their holyweek at the hospital.