Dingdong Dantes to renew contract with GMA

Dingdong Dantes to renew contract with GMA

Dingdong recieved continous blessing this holy week.

Holy tuesday, April 16, Marian give birth to their new baby boy whom they named Jose Sixto Dantes IV.

Dingdong shared that Marian gave birth around 1:35PM after laboring for 10 hours. Dingdong stayed with Marian at the labor room to support his wife.

On Monday Paril 22, a day after the easter sunday, Dingdong will sign his renewal exclusive contract to his mother studio, GMA Network Inc.

Last 2018, the five year exclusive contract agreement expired between Dingdong and Kapuso network, which they signed at Manila Polo Club on September 3 2013.

At the time, Dingdong in an open relationship with Marian Rivera, they havent got married yet.

Six years later, they already have 2 children and a successful married life.

The speculation about Dingdong being the lead role of the Philippine adaptation of the popular Koreanovela Descendants of the Sun. It is one of the most frequent question asked to him. For sure he will also be ask about his contract signing this Monday.

And ofcourse, about how he feels now that he have 2 offspring with Marian.

Marian revealed earlier that she wants to have another child after Baby Sixto. They want to have atleast children.

Congratulations Dantes Squad!