Marian share what she does with her freetime

Marian share what she does with her freetime

Do you ever wonder what Marian does with her freetime?

“To be honest, my time is like when I drop off my daughter to school and I go back home and stay at my flowershop office.” She said.

“Because it relaxes me everytime i see flowers then I’ll get busy. On my spare time i watch movies or series, actually my husband pushes me that one of the things i could do is to binged-watch. So i watch some movies on netflix, and on cignal theres a lot of things to watch there.

Does Marian have a lazy day? Where she just don’t want to do anything at all?

“Of course, I am very thankful that my huhsband helps me to make our baby room and ahead of time. I prepared the cabinet and his clothes and everything that I would need and it’s a big advantage that I already have my first born Zia. So that I already have ideas for the preparations i need to make for our second baby.”

Marian said she also received help from the people around her.

“People around me helps a lot, especially that they already been what i am going through right now. So they really help that I ask to other people, to my mother, grandma, Dong’s family because maybe I can apply their experience to mine.”