Marian share her second pregnancy journey

Marian share her second pregnancy journey

Marian Rivera-Dantes can give birth any moment now, she recently shared her second pregnancy journey.

Like any other expectant mom Marian also had some difficulties sleeping. Marian said that at first her sleep is pretty normal, but everything changes when her tummy becomes bigger.

“Everything is normal but when my tummy became bigger, there are times i’m having difficulties sleeping.”

But how do Marian stay looking so fresh? Marian said positivity is key. “Stay positive, i believe when you love what’s happening in your life even though sometimes life can be tough, but if you stay positive, it will reflect to you.

“This pregnancy is my dream, so i think it’s just reflecting how happy i am with my husband with my child and my second pregnancy.”

Marian’s dream is to have many children because she is the only child of her Mom and her spanish Dad.

Though she have half siblings in her dad side, they all live in spain and did not grow up with her.

So Marian’s wish is for Zia to have siblings to grow up together. Because she knows how lonely it can get growing up without a sibling.

“Ofcourse my wish is to have another one after my baby boy.” Dingdong and Marian are hoping to have 3 to 4 children.