Marian teaching Zia how to dance

Marian teaching Zia how to dance

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes recently answered some pregnancy questions through their youtube channel.

How do you document your pregnancy?

Marian answered, “Well, i document it everytime we will visit the OB. I took photos especially when i feel that he’s moving inside my tummy. I also took videos whenever there’s a chance i’ll do it.”

Do you you have photos of your ultra sound?

“Yes ofcourse, we must have 4D photos, most of the time it’s my husvand who takes a lot of photos. I told her to took some photos of the 4D ultra sound, since obviously i’m always lying down.” She said.

How do you maintain your healthy lifestyle now that you are pregnant?

“Healthy living is a must, even when i wasn’t pregnant i’m living healthy what more now that i’m pregnant. My OB tells me what i should i eat and what food to avoid while i’m pregnant. Like i should eat protein and i should not eat raw foods to avoid bacteria.”

She added, “I think having a positive mind also helps a lot while being pregnant, what matters is you love it. (Being pregnant) My dream is to have a lot if kids. So when i got pregnant again i was so happy.”

Do you eat sweets?

Marian admitted, “Well, yes, i’m very guilty. It’s just so hard to avoid. When i was pregnant with Zia i was able to avoid it but now, i’m having trouble avoiding it, but i passed my sugar blood test.”

What about excercise?

“Well, my OB is really pushing me to do pilatis, she told me it woll help me once i’m in labor. So that’s my target.”

Another way of excercising for Marian is dancing with her daughter Zia. Here’s the fantastic duo dancing while in photoshoot.