Marian Rivera’s flawless baby bump

Marian Rivera’s flawless baby bump

According to Marian, being pregnant is a blessing. She did not see it as a sacrifice like you need to give something up in return.

For her, being pregnant is a great experience, being able to give life in on this earth. Marian is an only child, so at a young age she already think of planning to have many children when she gets married.

Marian shared that she found a love that is greater than she anticipated. She even said, “You know after I got married, and have child, and pregnant with another one, all I can say to myself is that I love myself even more.”

According to her, while loving herself more, she also have a lot of love to give to people around her and to her family.

Meanwhile, Some people doubted Marian’s flawless baby bump on her recent Magazine cover.

Some say it’s photoshopped or Marian use make-up to make it look flawless. Well that’s not true at all. We have proof courtesy of Teena.

Marian’s close friend Teena Barretto posted a close up video of Marian’s baby bump to dispel rumors that Marian’s flawless baby bump was edited or have make up.

Her baby bump is naturally flawless.