GIF: The many faces of Ate Zia!

GIF: Ate Zia’s many facial expressions

Now that the Dantes Family have a new angel coming to their family, clearly Marian Rivera’s aura is overflowing with gorgeousness.

When you take a look at her instagram, its is very admiring how she handles herself. How she shows how beautiful a woman can be especially when pregnant.

Marian mentioned that its not easy to be a woman and “It is not a joke being a mother.”

She added that its a great things she was a good daughter to her mother because her motherhood become very challenging especially on her first time.

“Its like, before then you only think about your husband and sometimes you forgot about yourself. When you have a child, it completes you as a person.”

Speaking of Zia we made a gif of her most adorable expressions that will sure make your day extra happy.

Can you tell how excited she is?

Ate Zia why are you so cute?!

She laugh like her Momma!

Our adorable princess Z!