Marian surprises Dong at the set of Tadhana

Marian surprises Dong at the set of Tadhana

Dingdong Dantes came early for his first ever taping for Tadhana. Dingdong will temporarily replace Marian as host in Tadhana.

Marian is officially on leave as host of Tadhana as she will be giving birth in a few weeks.

Dingdong will be hosting Tadhana until Marian gives birth and is ready to get back as host.

While Dingdong is taping his spiels, Marian silently sneak behind him with a cake and surprise him.

“I have a phobia for surprises.” He said.

It was Marian’s idea to surprise Dingdong, for agreeing to replace her for the meantime as the host of Tadhana.

“I ask him to host Tadhana for now while i’m on leave. He didn’t think twice so i wanna welcome him to the Tadhana Family.” Marian said.

“I know how much this show means to Marian, and we talk about the lives of our OFWs. She learn a lot.” Dingdong said.

Dingdong and Marian also showed their silver button award from Youtube. “We thanked everyone for subscribing and watching our videos. We love creating contents that gives values to Filipino Families.” He said.

“I hope we give them inspiration as a family through Dantes Squad.” Marian added.

We can watch Dingdong in Tadhana starting next saturday. 3:15PM.