Marian Rivera will give birth on April

Marian Rivera will give birth on April.

Marian Rivera is expected to give birth around the end of April. That is why his husband Dingdong Dantes wont go too far so that he can look out for his wife.

Its really nice to know that they even got Zia to pray with them every night for Marian’s safe delivery.

The farthest place Dingdong go to is the locations for his taping with his spiels in Amazing Earth,

Their baby boy is indeed a lucky charm, because other than having a consistent high ratings of the show. He also have a line of endorsements this year.

Meanwhile, Dingdonv opes up about Zia’s earnings during the launching of his new endorsement.

Zia with her young age is already earning her own money. A lot of people are curious on what happen to money she earned from her endorsments.

He said, “That’s hers. It needs to pile up more, because it will all be hers.”

Persian Avenue launch their new brand ambassador Dingdong Dantes last week.

The actor said that he is already familiar with the product because he used to eat it way before he became an endorser.

Marian is set to shoot foranother new endorsement this week. Since once she gave birth she will be taking a break from all her showbiz commitments.