JM Deguzman narrates last moments with Chokoleit

JM Deguzman narrates last moments with Chokoleit

JM Deguzman is one of the people who’s Chokoleits spent his last time with on Saturday night before he died with heart attack.

The two of them belong to the group of artist who perfom in Abra.

According to JM, he noticed that something is different with Chokoleit that night when they are having dinner.

“When he arrived, i noticed that he have this grim aura around him, like theres something heavy with him. He’s not his usual jolly self. So I just think to myself that maybe hes just tired.” JM shared.

The actor might not saw Chokoleit performing on stage but he heard how the viewers are happy with the comedian that night.

“It’s a big stage. He put a lot of effort to ignite the audience. We heard the people scream of laughter. He was doing his very beast,” the actor said.

JM and his co-stars on the show is very sad about the news that Chokoleit didnt make it alive when he was rushed in an ambulance.

“I was positive that time that maybe he was just over fatigue or whatever. Then Miss Pops (Fernandez), Coleen (Garcia) go and after my performance. When I go down the stage, they were really quiet. When I enter the van, my road manager told me the news that he didn’t make it,” he said.

“I feel down but at the same time, I know he’s in a happy place. He make a lot of people happy and I am one of them. He will be missed.” he added.