Dong Dantes is very excited for his little Dong

Dong Dantes is very excited for his little Dong

Marian and Dingdong are down to two names to chose for their baby boy. We ask him if he is feeling a different excitement for his second child.

“Its different, but again its the same thing,” he said. It just means that its different because for the second time.

“I’m not saying that excitement is greater this time than with Zia. But its different.”

Are you still nervous being a daddy even though its for a second time around?

“Yes, Of course. I am an new dad to one, I am a new dad to both.”

Dingdong is starting a new movie project with Viva Films.

A Philippine adaptation of the South Korean 2014 crime-action-thriller film starred by Lee Sun-kyun and was showed at the Director’s Fortnight of 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

Dingdong share about his new project, “Action, suspense, comedy.

“Theres a touch of dark comedy to it so its exciting.” The shooting will start after Marian give birth.

He wanted to be there for his wife when time comes for her to give birth with their second child.

Included in the preparation is taking some load off work.

He said, “I have to take some load from work as possible, I want to alott my time at home, because any moment she could give birth, we cant really tell when.”

It is possible that by the end of March or first Week of April is Marian’s due, si this Holy Week it is expected for them to be at home.

“Surely, we will be here,” He assured.