Chokoleit’s closest friends Vice Ganda, Pokwang visited his wake

Chokoleit’s closest friends Vice Ganda, Pokwang visited his wake

The wake for Chokoleit started yesterday at Paket Memorial Chapel in Marcos Highway, Antipolo, Rizal. Yesterday, the body of the late comedian arrived at the said location and his friends gathered together to help preapre his wake.

There are people assigned for his clothes, make-up and who coordinate the place.

One of his closest friend Pokwang lived near the wake location, cant get a hold of her tears from crying. Pokwang flooded her post with videos and pictures of her and Chokoleit that looks like they dont do anything else but to have fun and fight.

“This is how crazy we are teasing and insulting each other to the point that other people misundertood our craziness, they take it seriously but for us its a true friendship if we insult eachother, we sugar coat our praises within one another. We miss you already Chokie. Dont worry, the first prayer I will teach @malia_obrian is for your peace and for you to remain at our God side. We love you!” said Pokwang.

Pokwang also shared that she dream about Chokoleit the night he died.

“I really hate to buy flowers to your loved ones who died. I dont like this feeling. Last night, I dream of you, you were angry because you dont have a plate to put your food in from my kitchen,” Pokwang shared.

Chokoleit’s closest friends, Vice Ganda, Pooh, Kaye, and Pokwang visited his wake last night.

They got emotional when they enter the wake, they talked about happy moments with when chokoleit was still alive.

Anyway, Coco Martin is the first one who send flowers for Chokoleit funeral.

Meanwhile, Sharon Cuneta cant help herself from crying in her Instagram stories because of Chocoleit. She said, life is short and maybe theres nothing wrong taking care of yourself first before you take care of others.