Why Dong can’t go anywhere outside metro manila

Why Dong can’t go anywhere outside

Marian’s delivery to her second baby with husband Dingdong Dantes is coming very soon.

According to the actor they pray the Holy Rosary and ninth every night before they sleep for the safe delivery of her wife.

Because of this, their first born Zia is curious and asked about why they were doing it.

“I told her ‘ Its prayer, its praying the rosary,’. and the she ask me why do we need to do it so we explain it to her.”

Dindong said at the press launch of Persian Avenue food chain. Where he was formally introduced as their brand ambassador.

Dingdong is glad that Zia is now at her curiosity stage and she asked about things espcially about religion.

He said that Marian will give birth to their baby boy in a few week so he really cant go far from her.

“She will give birth soon so I cant really go anywhere outside Metro Manila,” he said laughing.

They still havent chosen a name for their baby boy yet but they are down to two names.

In preparation, they took of some load from work and on Holy Week they will all be staying at home.

Meanwhile, the Persian Avenue is owned by the brothers Arjay and Paolo Lapid of Angeles, Pampanga. In a span of 4 years, they were able to create 34 branches. Their target for 2019 is to have 150 branches.

Dingdong is proud to be chosen as a brand ambassador for the said food store and he plan to franchise it as well.

He said that before he even got chosen to be an endorser of Persian Avenue, he already patronized it.