Zia is growing up curious

Zia is growing up curious

Every night, the Dantes couple prays the Holy Rosary and the 9-day Novena to Nuestra Señora de la Leche y Buen Parto. (Our Lady of Milk and Happy Delivery, Patroness of Mothers and Mothers-to-be) for Marian’s safe delivery.

Zia is curious about it and asked her parents why they are praying the Holy Rosary and Novena. Dingdong shares, “Zia is curious. She likes listening to stories. asks often ask
her parents to tell her a story.

“We explain it to her and she understands the importance of praying. It’s nice that she is at this stage. More than knowing other things, it is best to keep her grounded. Learn more about her religion, before anything else.”

Meanwhile, Dingdong shared how their baby boy’s nursery rook looks like. “It’s the same thing but just different stickers.”

When it comes to the name they said they are still deciding what to name their baby boy.

When asked if they are going to share the name before Marian gives birth or do they want to keep it to themselves for now?

“Ah, I cant really tell. I mean If it happens, it happens. I wasn’t planning on when to tell it really.” He said.

Dingdong also said they are down to 2 names and it is possible that they will name their baby boy after him.