Dantes Family celebrates Lola Iska’s birthday

Dingdong, Marian and Zia celebrate Lola Iska’s birthday today.

Marian’s grandmother, Lola Iska, celebrates her birthday with family and friends today.

Lola Iska turns 88 years old last March 9.

Marian wrote a caption, “Happy Birthday Nanay! We Love you..”

“Love you nanay”, Marian wrote in a separate post.


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In a recent interview Dingdong said that Marian will give birth soon.

They already have a name for their baby boy and they are having a novena every night for Marian’s safe delivery and a healthy baby.

He also said that his commitments are within Metro Manila only because in a few weeks or a month they will welcome their baby boy.

Dingdong is also feeling nervous on Marian’s delivery even though it’s their second time to be parents.

Happy Birthday, Lola Iska!