Ate Zia spotted playing

Ate Zia spotted playing

Dingdong Dantes is the new endorser of Persian Avenue. A new blessing before Marian gives birth. “Yes, Im so happy.” Dingdong said.

The press also congratulated Dingdong because Zia was named as one of the most beautiful kids of asian celebrities in Vietnam.

So What’s the feeling having the most beautiful wife and havinng a daughter chosen to be the most beautiful as well?

“Im grateful, her looks went after her mom.” He said.

Do they tell her that? Do they explain to Zia what happen like she was chosen to be the most beautiful one?

Dingdong said it’s no necessary to tell Zia.

“No, I dont think she should know at this point but I just found out about it recently and I dont know how to tell her.”

“I don’t think its necessary for her to know. She just need to know that she needs to be kind. That’s what important to us and especially to be kind to her baby brother.”

Speaking of Zia, she was spotted playing in a park. The photos was posted on twitter by itzme_ako.

Ate Zia were seen enjoying the slides

Ofcourse her Yaya is close by.

Ate Zia will have a playmate very soon. As Marian will give birth to a baby boy next month.