How Zia is adjusting to having a younger sibling

How Zia is adjusting to having a younger sibling

Dingdong Dantes was launched as the new endorser of Persian Avenue.

Persian Avenue started its operations on May 1, 2014. From the culinary capital of the Philippines, Angeles City Pampanga. They market products as WRAPS and not the “typical Shawarma”. Their presentation is a “SALAD BAR PREPARATION.”

Their delectable Beef Wrap is 100% sirloin. While their Chicken Pesto is grilled chicken breast both wrapped in our freshly baked soft bread and specialty sauce.

During the press interview, Dingdong was asked by the press, “How is she adjusting? You know, having a brother and all.”

“She helps us decorate and prepare her brother’s room. Shes excited. And she is very energetic and love to perform.” Dingdong answered.

The press said it seem like Zia is just like her Mom Marian Rivera. “Do you think that your son looks will come from you?” The press asked.

“We’ll see, it is possible. For me is yes, mostly she got everything from her mom but she’s a completely different person compared to both of us. She have her own character and personality so its really nice because she is who she is.”

When asked if they have picked a name for their baby boy, Dingdong said yes. But he did not reveal it yet.

Dingdong also said they decide together what will they name their second child. “We decide together, even with Zia, its just the two of us.”