Dingdong feeling nervous to welcome baby boy

Dingdong feeling nervous to welcome baby boy

Question: On Zia’s energeticness, do you see her as an artist one day? It’s seems like she’s still forbidden, so she just doing commercials for now.

Dong: We can’t really tell, but when she grows up, As long as she’s happy, what ever it is, we will support her. But she needs to finish her studies first,

Question: Is the excitement of having a babby boy different for a father?

Dong: It’s different, but is not that big of a difference, It’s just different because it’s the second time but I cant say that my excitement is greater than the first one with Zia. Its nothing greater, its just different.

Question: What’s the criteria?

Dong: We still have a lot of time to chose, we analyze it well and there are some characters that pop up about them. So we read and watch about them.

Question: Dingdong, are you still nervous being a daddy?

Dong: Yes, because I was a new dad to both of them.

Question: What did you prepapred yourself for?

Dong: The important thing is for us to be healthy so that we can be with them for a long time more than anything.

Question: You bought some stuff for the baby?

Dong: Ofcourse! some boys clothes. Because, we only have a few, some of it are from my siblings, we dont need a lot of things much.

Question: Are you guys practical when it comes to your second child?

Dong: Yes, we are much practical. We don’t need much because some of the things we need was given to us as a gift on our baby shower so thank you.