Dingdong Dantes Revealed when Marian is due to give birth

Dingdong Dantes Revealed when Marian is due to give birth

Marian’s due date for their baby boy and the future of his daughter Zia is one of question Dingdong asked about from entertainment writers.

Dingdong didn’t tell the exact dute date of Marian’s delivery, but he confirms that his wife will soon to give birth.

“In a few weeks or almost a month. Its sooner than later, thats why I should get too far from Metro Manila,” Dingdong said.

The actor admitted that they have a last minute minute decision to change name for their second child.

Every night, the couple have a ninth and pray the Holy Rosary for Marian to have a safe delivery. Which causes Zia to be curious.

“She curious about what we were doing and why we have to do it, and we explain it to her.”

“There’s her curiosity listen and she understand.” Dingdong said.

The actor dream is for Zia to remain grounded.

“Thats hers,” Dingdong answer when asked about what he do about Zia’s product endorsments earnings.

“My duty is to protect and make sure that it wont fade. It needs to grow more because it will all be hers and hers alone.”

Dingdong was introduced as an official brand ambassador of Persian Avenue last March 8. the fastest growing food company of Arjhay and Paolo Lapid of Angeles Pampanga.

Trivia: Dingdong used to love Persian Avenue products before he even accept the offer of being their brand endorser.

For Dingdong, it was his pride and pleasure to be selected as the brand ambassador. So he also have a plan to have his own franchise of the said food store who have 44 branches already nationwide.