Who manage the budget at the Dantes Squad household?

Who manage the budget at the Dantes Squad household?

Dingdong Dantes added a new product in his long list of endorsements. Dingdong Dantes will be official launch today as a new endorder for a food product.

He will probaby get ask by the press about his new movie with Viva Films called ‘A Hard Day.’

‘A Hard Day’ is a blockbuster Korean movie ins 2014. Dingdong Dantes was chosen to be the lead actor for the Philippine Adaptation of the film.

Hence Many pinoy korean movie lovers know the story of the movie. That is why they are very excited for the philippine adaptation.

Furthermore Many pinoy fans are united in saying that ‘A Hard Day’ is a great movie. That’s why they are hoping that the philippine adaptation will be great as well.

This is the second time Viva Films is remaking a Korean Movie. The first one was Miss Granny, where Sarah Geronimo play the lead role. It was directed by Joyce Bernal.

Meanwhile, Dingdong and Marian revealed who manage their household budget or expenses. They were asked by fans during the part 3 of their Valentine’s Day special vlogs.

Dingdong said, that Marian is the one who manage their household budget. While, Marian admitted that she is the one incharge of managing their expenses.