Marian Rivera on how to balance growing business and family

Marian Rivera on how to balance growing business and family

Soon-to-be Mother of 2 Marian Rivera-Dantes shared how she is balancing her growing business and her growing family.

Marian is the founder of Flora Vida by Marian.
Flora Vida by Marian is an online flower shop that specializes in preserved flower arrangements. Personally prepared and designed by Marian herself.

Marian admitted that it was difficult to balance everything at once. That is why knowing your top priority is a must.

“Like what was said earlier, its kinda hard to get things all together at once. But when you know your priority and which is the number one in your list, then it will be easier for you.” She said.

Surrounding yourself with people who love and support you is also important.”Especially when you surround yourself with people who supports you.”

Marian said she love looking after her family and business. Even though it can be difficult.

“I’ll look after my family and then my business at the same time. Because I love them both so even though its tough for me, i am happy taking care of them both.”

Besides her business, Marian also balancing her showbiz career and product endorsements. Though she is now on a break from her showbiz commitments because she is about to give birth very soon.