Does DongYan share their cellphone password to eachother?

Does DongYan share their cellphone password to eachother?

The 3rd installment of the Dantes Squar 3 part Valentine’s Day Special was uploaded last sunday.

Dingdong and Marian answered some questions given by their youtube subscribers.

“What’s has been your biggest parenting challenge?”

“Biggest parenting challenge is time. Especially for me at home and for my family. Because I work and as much as possible I want to see my children grow up.

I want to be with my wife but then again, it’s really hard to balance things, so there are many things we sacrificed but it’s all worth it.

Because the important thing is like what my friend Alex said, “You have to do things with your family. Not just be there in special occassions but also do it with them, experience with them.”

“Dont worry, Im here for them. Time is important.” Dingdong said.

With the question if they share their cellphone password, Dingdong said, “We never check eachother’s phone to see whos texting who. But you know my password.”

“Yes, cause I see it.” Marian replied. “Do you know my password?” She asked Dong. “Of course.” Dong answered.

When Marian asked Dong how did he found out. Dong said “You told me.”

What about you guys? Do you know the password of you wife/husband?