Marian Rivera revealed Dingdong’s most use expression

Marian Rivera revealed Dingdong’s most use expression

In the recent youtube upload of The Dantes Squad, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes answered questions from fans.

One of the question was, “What is the idea of the best gift for you?”

The best gift for me is experience. An experience can be given by anyone. It doesn’t need to be grand or to prepare so much, what’s important is the sincerity. The emotions that you will give someone who woll receive the gift.” Dingdong said.

“Like this set up, this is an experience, because we can just have dinner in a restaurant. But because this is her idea of making valentines memorable, it’s an experience i will never forget.”

“Material gifts can be forgotten but this is a memory that makes my heart happy.” He added.

When asked what is your partner’s most use expression, Marian showed everyone. “Like this..”

Though Dingdong is quick to denied it. “No way!” He said. “You are like that most of the time.” Marian said.

Then Dingdong asked Marian, “What word? Not facial expression.”

Marian said, “he will go like this.. then say “Ah pucha!!”. Marian also said sometimes Dong called her bro.

Here’s the clip: