Dingdong surprise to Marian will be up tonight!

Dingdong surprise to Marian will be up tonight!

The third and last part of The Dantes Squad Valentine’s special will be up tonight.

The first part was about Dingdong delivering orders for Flora Vida. And the second part was about Marian surprising Dingdong with a special boodle fight dinner.

Now the 3rd part will be about Dingdong’s surprise to Marian.

“Parang mga batang nag-tatawanan at kulitan. That’s how we ended our perfect night.” She said.

In the clip uploaded by Marian in her instagram account. Dingdong told Marian that he also has a surprise for her.

“We have been celebrating valentine’s day for the past 10 years. And i was the one who always surprises you, but this beat everything i did for the past 10 years.” Dingdong said.

Dingdong then told Marian now it’s his turn to surprise Marian, “It’s my turn, just a simple surprise.”

Dingdong told Marian to close her eyes.

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