“We will surprise Daddy.. sssssshhh!” – Zia

“We will surprise Daddy.. sssssshhh!” – Zia

Ate Zia help her Mama prepare a surprise Valentine’s Day dinner for Daddy Dingdong Dantes.

The Dantes Squad uploaded the first of 3 parts Valentine’s Day videos on thei youtube channel.

There’s a preview of the second part where Zia told the camera to keep quiet because they will surprise her Dad. “We will surprise Daddy! Sssshhh!” She said.

We can also hear ate Zia screaming, “Happy Valentine’s Day Daddy!!”. The preview Dingdong also said it was the best set up ever.

Marian posted the whole part 1 on her facebook account. “Dingdong! Flora Vida Delivery! I asked him to surprise some of our customers by personally delivering the flowers.

Ang hindi niya alam, I was actually preparing my simple Valentine’s surprise for him. Glad we got to share love on Valentine’s day through this simple gesture.

Watch the full delivery video, which is actually the first part of our 3-part Valentine Special!

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"We will surprise Daddy! Ssssshhhh!"

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Dingdong and Marian will be uploading on their youtube channel once a week or twice a month. They recently ask fans what would they like to see on their youtube channel.