Marian Rivera’s reaction to her surprise baby shower

Marian Rivera’s reaction to her surprise baby shower

Marian Rivera received a surprise baby shower from Dingdong’s side of the family.

The Dantes-Gonzales clan gathered together and gave Marian her first baby shower. The organizers of Marian’s Baby shower are none other than Dingdong’s sisters Trina, Vicki and Aya.

And thanks to Trina we got to see Marian’s reaction to the surprise baby shower.

Marian was not the only one who was surprise, Zia was surprise as well. Marian was so speechless when Dantes-Gonzales family greeted her upon entering the room.

Her reaction was priceless.

Meanwhile, Dingdong Dantes” primetime series Cain at Abel just ended last friday.

Dingdong will take a rest from doing tv series for now to have more time for Marian who is about to give birth in a few months.

But we can still watch him every weekend in Amazing earth. He will probably do a movie in the 3rd quarter of this year after Marian gives birth.

There are also rumors that Dingding will play as the new captain yoo in the hit korean drama Descendants of the sun.

Though Dingdong said he does not know about the offer yet and he hasn’t seen an episode of descendants of the sun.

But if ever he will be the one to do it, he said he will binged-watch the show.