Funny games at Marian Rivera’s baby shower

Funny games at Marian Rivera’s baby shower

Marian Rivera is indeed so loved by Dingdong Dantes’ side of the family. She’s very close to them and they are very close to Marian.

Especially Dingdong’s siblings. Whenever Dingdong and Marian have work at the same time. They can always rely on his sisters to look after Zia.

Dingdong’s side of the family arranged a surprise baby shower to Marian yesterday at the Solaire resort and Casino.

They filled the room with teddy bears and balloons. Plus Dantes Squad give aways. Since Dingdong and Marian are expecting a baby boy the theme color is blue.

They arranged the baby shower at the same suit Dingdong and Marian spent their first night as husband and wife.

Also where they spent the new year with Marian’s father. And that’s where they also spent Marian’s birthday last year. So the place is very special for them.

Marian shared some games that they played during the baby shower. One of the games are drinking orange juice from a baby bottle.

Everyone was so game including Dingdong.

The other game was using a tissue paper like a diaper.

Here’s video shared by Marian on her instagram stories.