Marian Rivera’s first baby shower

Marian Rivera’s first baby shower

The first baby shower of Marian Rivera is happening now at Solaire Resort and Casino.

Solaire Resort and Casino is quite special for Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. They spent their first few days as a married couple there.

They also spent birthdays and other special occasion at solaire that is why the place is very significant for them.

Today, Solaire Resort and Casino gave Marian a baby shower. The first of many i’m sure. Dingdong shared a clip from the baby shower.

Base on the video the theme of the baby shower is teddy bear.

The color theme is ofcourse color blue as Marian and Dingdong are expecting a baby boy.

Ate Zia is also present at the baby shower.

We also spotted cakes and lettering of Marian’s name.

Here’s the clip.

Dingdong and Marian are both in a break they lessen their showbiz commitment now that Marian is just a few weeks away from giving birth.

They have not yet announce the official name of their baby boy. But many speculate that they will name him after his father and grandfather.

Marian said they are still choosing between 2 names.

Any guesses what will be the name of their baby boy?