Zia’s reaction when she see her parents on TV

Zia’s reaction when she see her parents on TV

Many are predicting that the daughter of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera will follow their foot steps.

One time when Marian took Zi to Sunday Pinasaya, she told her Mama that she want to see herself on tv as well.

But what is her reaction whenever she see her parents on tv? Does she watch the tv shows of her parents?

“She asked me whenever she see me cry on tv ‘Mama why are you crying?. Then with Dingdong, he mader her watch the behind the scenes, fight scenes, so she is aware of our job.”

Speaking of Dingdong, he said that the excitement is different with having a baby boy this time.

“Ofcourse, he will have a mini version of him. But it’s the same, he is just so busy lately with his tv series and movie. But he’s still able to fullfil his task for us.”

Will they name the baby after Dingdong?

“We are still thinking about it, we ask God for a sign. But we do have 2 names in mind.”

Dingdong’s real name is Josd Sixto Dantes III. If they are to name their baby boy after Dingdong, his name will be Jose Sixto Dantes IV.

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