Marian Rivera’s dance number while pregnant

Marian Rivera’s dance number while pregnant

Marian still looks pretty despite being pregant with a baby boy.

She is pregnant with a baby boy but she ruined the old belief about a woman’s appearance tends to change when she is concieving a baby boy.

The actress looks so pretty yesterday at Sunday Pinasaya Awards, people will think that the couple Marian and Dingdong are having a baby girl.

The Kapuso Primetime Queen baby bump is growing really big. I think it is much bigger compare to when she was pregnant with her first child Zia whos really jolly and energetic.

Marian performed again a dance number that was nominated for best dance performance. She wore the same outfit. Here’s a side by side.

And here is her performance, ofcourse her movement is very limited because she’s pregnant. BUT her outfit.. she is still so sexy!

Probably the sexiest preggy ever.

Meanwhile, Marian took a break from Sunday Pinasaya last february. Because her due date is this summer. It was confirmed by Dingdong that Marian will give birth next month.

So it will take a while before we can watch Marian on Sunday Pinasaya again. When she gave birth to Zia she took 2 years off doing teleserye.

Marian is expected to do the same this time.