Baby Zia giving her doll a haircut

Baby Zia giving her doll a haircut

Here’s a behind the scene from Mama Marian Rivera and Ate Zia’s new tv commercial for NIDO 3+.

Have you ever wonder what Zia is doing in between takes while filming their tv commercial?

Well, Ate Zia is giving her beloved doll a make over. She plays the role of a hairstylist and gave her doll a new haircut.

She learn from who? None other than her Mama’s good friend and hairstylist Ate celeste Tuviera.

Ate Celeste also got the adorable moment on camera and shared it to her instagram account. Zia is on point, just like a real hair stylist.

Just like her Dad, Zia is very good in observing. She probably observe her Ate Celesete and coppied her style how to cut hair.

Check it out, Zia is so adorable!

In other news, Flora Vida by Marian’s website has a new look! Plus their new collections are also available on their site.

“Exciting news! Check out the new look of our website and our newest collection for 2019 is now available on our website as well. Thank you so much for patronizing Flora Vida by Marian!” Marian posted.

Don’t forget to check it out!