Why Dingdong is so amazed by Zia

Find out why Dingdong is amazed by Zia

Members of Entertainment Press got to visit Dingdong Dantes in the set of his tv drama Cain and Abel.

“I am so happy with the story of Cain at Abel because there is so many option that the story can go.” He said.

“Stay tuned to find out how me and Dennis will be together, me on then corporate world and him on his world. I myself only want to find out who kill Elia’s (Dennis) son because I am also involve with his death.” He added.

Movies will be Dingdong’s focus after his action series. He already have movie projects in line with Viva Films and with his Agosto Productions.

Furthermore, Dingdong is also busy with his show Amazing Earth. He also shared that he is also amazed by her daughter Zia.

“I even get amazed of the things I learned about nature and animals. My daughter Zia, shes isnt afraid of animals.

I make her watch it and she totally understand. Although she her self amazed me because she said things that you wont think a 3 years old would say.”

“I will let her be because she said that she will help her Mama to take care of her baby brother. She is preparing her bed for her brother.” Dingdong said.

And of course, the couple Dingdong and Marian is excitingly wait for their baby boy to be born by summer. They still havent reveal the name of the baby yet.

Cain at Abel can be watched every night after 24 Oras on GMA-7