Pinay celebrities and their tattoos

Pinay celebrities and their tattoos

There are girls who showed their personality through their tattoos while others do it to share their beliefs, feelings or artistic sides and some of them tattoed the names of their loved ones.

Here are the 10 beautiful Pinay celebs that have tattoos in their bodie:

1. Marian Rivera

Marian have a butterfly tattoo at her back, and according to FHM, her tattoo is inspired to a place where Dingdong Dantes ask her hand for marriage. The said placce was in Butterfly pavilion in Macau.

2. Cristine Reyes

According to Cristine in her post on October 2016, one of the things she like is the tattoo on her arm. And these tattoos were religous symbols like rosary and crucifix.

3.Jessy Mendiola

Jessy Mendiola have a blue whale tattoo in her arm. In her comment section, you can see her fans asking if the tattoo is temporary or permanent. It looks like its permanent because until now the tattoo remains at her arm.

4. Solenn Heussaff

The most eye catching tattoo of Solenn in her body is the portrait of Virgin Mary in her left ribcage and her rosary at her foot.

5. Rhian Ramos

Rhian Ramos tatoo was design and tatted by Apo Whang-Od.

6. Sam Pinto

An indian art tatto was on Sam Pinto’s left foot.

7. Ina Raymundo

A 23 year old flower tattoo is on Ina Raymundo’s back, and she get a new a dragonfly tattoo last year.

8. Coleen Garcia

The pretty wife on Billy Crawford and former host of ‘Its Showtime’ have tattoos on her body.

9. Kim Domingo

On Kim Domingo’s left wrist us a tattoo that says “Strength”, and on her right is a small arrow.

10. Arci Munoz

Arci Munoz have tattoos on her hand.

Source: KAMI