Dingdong Dantes doing Ballet for Zia

Dingdong Dantes doing Ballet for Zia

We can already feel the strong collision of two Metro Manila Film Festival 2018 movies. Fantastica and Jack Em Poy are fighting for the number 1 position.

Fantastica, lead by Vice Ganda, Richard Gutierrez and Dingdong Dantes. Together with 3 Kapamilya love teams. Jack Em Poy, lead Coco Martin, Maine Mendoza and Vic Sotto.

Furthermore, even in social media the collision of the two movie can be felt. Hence the hashtags #FantasticaNowShowing and #JackEmPopoyUnangPanoorin both trended on twitter.

The fans of both movies are very dedicated to make noises in social media. As of today “Fantastica” is leading. It’s the number 1 Metro Manila Film Festival movie in terms of revenue.

Moreover, Jack Em Poy is on second position. Coco, Maine and Bossing fans are also in full support of the movie. Specially Maine fans they even held private screening in support of the movie.

Dingdong is very happy with the first day result. He posted a short clip on his Instagram stories doing ballet for Zia.

He is even wearing a wig, he captioned his post “Dahil inspired sa Fantastica.”

Zia can be heard saying, “Go Daddy!” She’s so sweet.

Congratulations to Fantastica for being the number 1 movie!