Marian Rivera’s inspirational speech

Marian Rivera’s inspirational speech

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera made an insprational speech at the 38th Foundation Anniversary of Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Phils.

Here’s the english translation for international fans. Or you can just scroll down and watch the video below.

“Breast feeding is a big part of my life, and I want to be an inspiration to mother and soon to be mothers.

I have a short story for you all. When I was pregnant to my daughter Zia, i said that maybe this is the hardest part on being a Mom. But I was wrong.

When I gave birth to Zia, I realize that it’s much harder, even when I was breast feeding her its still hard. Mother sacrifice for her child is really different, but that sacrifice have many benefits.

I became close to my daughter and she is healthy, Although she is really hyper all the time. But they said that being hyper is a manifestation of being smart, I hope thats true.

Because Zia is very hyper and energetic all the time. A mother needs a solid commitment, like me with my husband when we get married.

I have a commitment to him to be a wife and a mother of our child. It isnt an easy job, you need support from those people who surround you.

In my case it was my mama, tita, grand mother, inlaws, friends and especially my husband, I said it wasnt easy but now that I am pregnant of my second child.

I want to teach Zia to understand the importance and value of bonding between mother and child through breast feeding.

Want her to realize that because I breastfeed her for 2 years, I know that my daughter will support me and help me with her baby brother.

I was really thankful because they are here in my life to guide me, give me courage and tell me that I can do it. A mother will do everything for her child.

Now that I have a second child, I said that I will do the same thing I did for Zia. I will do the best that I can, I will not push aside her nutrition.

Soon as I found out that I was 1 month pregnant. I already eat malunggay and eat and take all the food that can make me produce milk.

I beleieve that I will do everything in my power for my family especially to my daughter and son. That is what I can share to you about breast feeding.

Your kids can only be a child once, so mothers will do everything for them. I also have good news, there is a law about expanded days of maternity leave. So that a mother can have more chance to be with their child.

I am proud to say that my husband is one of those people who help for that law. Thank you so much for inviting me. I will not be tired to be an inspiration to those mother and soon to be mother not to give up.

There is always a way, as long as you want it you can get it. All you need is solid commitment. People who love you and push you and will say that you can do it, youre the best mom that i always hear to my husband and daughter. I will never get tired of it.

Thank you so much, once again I am Marian Rivera of Team Dantes, Thank you.