How DongYan discipline Zia

How DongYan discipline Zia

She desires to have a big family although being pregnant is not making it any easier than it used to be.

“These days, I dont eat raw food to avoid baterial infection. Arranging flowers for Flora Vida relaxes me, thats my me time.”

the Kapuso Primetime Queen said. Flora Vida is Marians flower shop. She offer preserve flower arrangements that she presonally designed on her own.

She added,”I cook for Dong and Zia, I know my way around the kitchen.” “They prefer Filipino dishes. But, because Dong is always busy these days, we sometimes visit him on the set of ‘Cain at AbeL.”

Is Marian the good cop or bad cop? Who is going to discipline Zia now that she started going to school.?

“I am the bad cop,” the actress admitted. “Heres how we do disciplining at home. Since he isn’t always around, we worry that Dong doing the scolding might send the wrong signal to our daughter.” She said.

“We dont want her feel discourage with him. Since i’m always around her it’s easier to explain things and situations to her- especially when i scold her. So, Zia listens to me when I scold her.” Marian said.

Marian Rivera is set to give birth to a baby boy next year. A dream come true for The Dantes Family.