Day 2 of Zia and Marian’s new TVC shoot

Day 2 of Zia and Marian’s new TVC shoot

Dingdong antes wife Marian Rivera is currently on her 4th month of pregnancy with their 2nd baby.

You would’nt notice it at first glance because theres hardly a bump unless she points it out and show you.

We had a quick conversation with the Kapuso Primetime Queen at the launch of here Mega Prime’s Topical Fruit Cocktail,”Its right here.” she said with a smile.

Marian is excited for her second meeting with the stork. Her first born Zia recently turned 3 years.

Taking care of her child and Dingdong has make a diferrence in her outlook about life for the better.

The actress has become more “layback and easy going,” and she learn to handle arguements and misunderstanding better.

“You cant avoid to have a misunderstanding with your partner, but its easier to handle now.” she explained.

Marian added, “Dong and I have learned to appreciate the value of compromise in our relationship. There’s nothing pleasant about conflict, but we make it a point to discuss the root of a problem, to make sure it doesn’t happen again. It makes you realize there’s a better way to resolve contentious issues.”

“Look, I have a big respect for my husband, so if there are crucial decisions to be made, I let him decide, because I trust his judgement. Its always about whats best for our family. Its is only right for us to be matured because or family is growing. We will soon have 2 kisd already,” said Marian when she was questioned about who gets the last say in important matters.

Marian and Zia is currently filming a new TV Commercial. Dingdong posted how proud he is of his girls.

Can you guess their new TVC?