Zia’s 3rd birthday party at her school

Zia’s 3rd birthday party at her school

Our favorite and soon to be Ate Maria Letizia celebrated her 3rd birthday with her classmates and teachers earlier today.

It was an advance surprise celebration for Zia planned by her Mama Marian and Daddy Dingdong. Zia will turn 3 years old on friday, November 23.

Marian posted a sweet caption saying “Sharing with you Zia’s advance birthday celebration at school. Thank you to her classmates and teachers for making Zia’s special day a memorable one.”

Here are some the photos:

A kiss from Mama..

Zia helping distributing the food..

Zia and Mama..

Happy Birthday Zia!

Furthermore, Marian earlier revealed that they will visit Tokyo Disneyland for Zia’s 3rd birthday, because Zia personally asked for it.

She told her parents that she wants to go to disneyland for her birthday. But there is currently a measles outbreak in Japan, we don’t know if it will affect their plans on visiting.