Zia follows her teacher’s dance step

Zia follows her teacher’s dance step

Marian Rivera is glad that she hasn’t experienced any complications during her second pregnancy:

“Well, it looks like there isnt any changes for now except my growing baby bump. So far so good.”

“I was very thankful, and besides maybe because behind all of that, Im thankful that I have new endorsements.

“But behind that, I know that I build a family, because we keep it to ourselves for a long time and they talk so much , it became into a bonding as a family.

“So I can really tell that this is always a bonus for me.

“In one product not only you endorse it, they paid you but at the same time they became your family and I consider Beautederm my family.

“They are literally my family,” Marian said about being the first celebrity endorser of Reverie Beautederm Home.

In other news, Here’s Zia in school activity during UN Day celebration.

Actress Shyr Valdez entroduced Marian at Beautederm Home President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan.

Shyr and Marian are costars in the teleserye “super ma’am”, they both have the same manager Rams David.

Meanwhile, it was longganisa who pave a way to Marian and Rhea’s friendship.

Based on Rhea’s story “ I am very lucky that Shyr got us introduced to each other at Super Ma’am, so is Yan-yan really..

“Of course this is Marian so I didn’t sleep well in months.”