Marian on Zia’s endorsements

How is Marian’s pregnancy?

“Well, it looks like there sint any changes besides my growing baby bump.” So far so good.”

“I said that this is really one of my dreams, to have many children.”

“So I am pregnant right now and I am enjoying it. I hope I can be blessed by more.” She said.

“The baby hasn’t come out yet but I’m asking for another one right? Because I want many of them.” she added.

Is there a chance that Zia will soon to endorse Beautederm Home as well?

“We’ll see, because the one whos deciding more for Zia is my husband. Bribe Dong with many longganisa,” and the Primetime Queen laugh.

“I accepted longganisa only, when it become to tocino, im rooting for purefoods,” Marian added.

“Is there a possibility that the Dantes family will be endorsing together?”

“For example: can Dingdong endorse Beautederm cologne?

She said clearly, ”well I’m not sure because he still have bench and beauty, skin. So that’s okay, Hes different, I’m different”

Marian doesn’t want to reveal yet how many month shes pregnant. Just know that i’m at my second tri-mester”

Is the cravings over? “Yes its over.” She said.

Is she not sensitive to smell anymore?

She told us “Actually, since day one I am not sensitive to smell at all.”

“Just like with Zia, The smell of sauted onions and garlic is not a nice smell to some.”

“Me on the other hand was never encounter anything that makes me dislike its smell. Seems like I am not that sensitive.”

But does she ever have a scent that she like the most?

Marian said “Dingdong, my daughter and the third one is this Beatuederm scent [scented candles].

“It helps me to relax, especially lavender at night, I lit it so that I can relax myself.

“You know that moment when your pregnant and you feel all sentimental by yourself.

“When my daughter is asleep, I will go on my relaxing mode, play some music and matching candles.

“It really helps.”

There are pregnant women who are grumpy, right?
“Oh, I’m not grumpy at all! I am super friendly,” she said.