“Hello My Little One” – Marian

“Hello My Little One” – Marian

Marian Rivera is in the second trimester of her second pregnancy. Her Baby Bump is now very visible as if Baby number 2 is already saying Hello to us all.

Marian gave us an update about her second pregnancy. So, how’s her pregnancy?

“Nothing has change except my baby bump is getting bigger. So far all is wel.” She said.

Marian said it’s her dream to have many children. “As i said, my dream is to have many children. It is really a dream of mine.”

Marian is just enjoying her second pregnancy, “Now that i am pregnant i’m enjoying it as much as i can.”

Marian is already praying to have more childen even now that she is pregnant. “I am praying to have more babies, because i want to have many children.”

Is their any chance that Zia will also be endorsing Beautederm Home?

“Ms. Rhea asked me the same question. We will see.. Dingdong is the one who decide more when it comes to Zia.

Marian told them that they should court Dingdong instead.

Here’s Marian showing her growing baby bump. She captioned, “Hello My Little One.”