Marian Rivera answers some silly Questions

Marian Rivera answers some silly Questions

Here’s some silly Questions that Marian got to answer during an interview for a Magazine.

They asked Marian what is the naughtiest joke she knows. She said she knows corny jokes but not naughty.

“Joke? I know corny jokes. Like what do you call a small pusit? Pst! Jokes like that.”

She was also asked about her favorite videoke songs, songs that she can get a perfect score.

“Aegis songs and Sabay sabay tayo. Aegis’ Luha and Halik.. i can score 98, 99 and 100. I just scream at the microphone.”

And who’s singer would she choose to do a remake of Sabay sabay tayo? Marian answers “Beyonce!”

What about if Sabay sabay tayo will be a movie, what kind of story? “Romantic comedy.” She said.

And here’s a double meaning question, what is her favorite on Dingdong mix snack? Marian answered with conviction “Lahat!”

Here’s a funny clip:

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